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Kingjoy QB-10 Professional Ball Head

  • Irregular Ball Head Design - The irregular ball head design provides better locking tension and friction when the heads are tightened.
  • Dual Security Quick-Release Clamp Design - Allows for quick mounting and dismounting of the camera and prevents the camera from accidentally falling off.
  • Fits all tripods with a 3/8" male thread
  • Spirit level integrated into the loading plate

Kingjoy VT-1510 black VT Series Photo/Video Head


Material: Plastic. -Net weight: 0.66kg. -Gross wight: 0.92kg. -Operator Handle (34cm/13.39"). -Tripod head base diameter: 65mm. -Tripod head height: 105mm. -Max load weight: 4kg. -Pan Rotate Angle: 360 degrees. -Tripod screw mount: 3/8" or 1/4" screw thread.

Kingjoy VT-3510 Tripod Head Aluminum Alloy Fluid Damping Head for DSLR

Color: black
Material: Al alloy
Model: VT-3510
Brand: Kingjoy
Dimension: 130*90*100mm
Bottom base diameter: 60mm
Load capacity: 5.0kg /11.0lbs
Tripod mount thread size: 3/8" female thread (bottom), 1/4" screw (attachment)
Tension Control: Pan and Tilt adjustment knobs

TRIOPO D-2A Camera Tripod Ball Head


The TRIOPO D-2A tripod head adopts aluminum alloy for durable use. It features 360° scales on the base for panoramic shooting. And the main part adopts precision CAM process to effectively improve its stability and wear-resistance.

Precision CAM Process

The main part of the ball head adopts CAM process, which effectively improves its stability and wear-resistance.

Damping Locking Knob

Lock the knob tight, which enables the camera stable at any angle, safe and quick, effectively stops accident,

Quick Release Locking Knob

Lock the knob tight to make the quick release plate fixed and the camera stable for convenient shooting.

360° Pan Scale

Provide precision scales to make the photographer grasp the layout more easer.

Spirit Level

Which is very important to balance your camera.

Level Rotating Locking Knob

Use to control the 360° panoramic shooting, when you lock the knob tightly, you can make the camera stop at any angle, so you do not have to adjust the whole tripod, which is convenient and quick.