“Capture the moments with us”

As with everything in life, the only constant is 'change'. We all are aware of the fact that photography, as a profession is evolving day by day. What’s important is that if this evolution is beneficial for the folks or not.
So, are you fond of being surrounded by cameras and thinking of starting a photography business soon? Because it can entertain your passion for photography and also you can be labeled as a part of this increasing line of work nowadays.
We welcome you at the perfect spot! Digimax provides you with equipments to please your photography skills.
Over the years, Digimax has become one of the leading platforms selling the most exquisite camera products and equipments that helps you explore more and more. Being originated in Lahore, Digimax is serving its customers with outstanding products since 2006

What Products is Digimax offering?

We are dealing with the following variety;
Camera equipments
Videography equipments
Drone/Fly cameras
Studio setup facility

What brands are we dealing with?

Digimax is dealing in an extensive range of branded products with company warranty and not with the local ones. Some of them are mentioned under;

Nikon Canon
Sony Sigma
Olympus FujiFilm
Panasonic Moza
GoPro Insta 360 cameras

Why choose us?

Digimax is a well-known name in Lahore operating in various cameras and photographic accessories.
We are a team of experts who aim at guiding the customers with ultimate products according to their interests and requirements.
The products come with a proper warranty so no returns are entertained.
We also deal with the selling of used products with proper check warranty.
Digimax is providing cash on delivery services nationwide.

Where are we located?

Digimax is located at 42-Chamberlane road, Lahore.
For more information, contact us at 042-37224862.

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